Pregnancy Care: How to Keep Your Body and Baby Healthy


Now that you know your baby is on the way, what you should you be most concerned about? Of course, you are planning to give him the best care, and this must begin from the day you realize you are pregnant. In fact, you should start long before. The better your own health, even before you are married, the healthier your children are likely to be. It is most important that you keep well-nourished and well rested.

The first thing, then, is to choose a good doctor. Even though this may be your first child, you can never tell whether complications might arise. Your doctor would rather have you consult him as soon as possible, allowing him to guide you through this important period of your life. Serious complications can often be avoided by taking these simple precautions:

  1. The amount of exercise you indulge in will depend somewhat on your natural habits of life. If you have been an active person, you may continue your activities in a rather modified form. There is no reason why you cannot play outdoor games or drive a car unless your doctor advises otherwise.
  1. Taking a good walk is an excellent tonic for the whole body. Begin with shorter walks and gradually increase them.
  1. Grab some fresh air, for you are breathing not only for yourself but also for your baby.
  1. Your bedroom should be well ventilated at night.
  1. Heavy smoking during pregnancy is not wise. The smoke from one cigarette may speed up the heart of an unborn baby as much as 25 percent above its previous rate.
  1. It is wiser to avoid alcoholic drinks, even beer, not only for your own sake but also for your baby’s health.
  1. It is important to have regular bowels during pregnancy. At least one movement should take place every day. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables will help to keep you regular.
  1. Marital relations are permitted until the last four weeks of pregnancy. After that time there might be some danger of infection and perhaps premature labor. If at any time sexual intercourse is uncomfortable to the expectant mother, it is wise to refrain from further indulgence.
  1. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water or other liquids each day.
  1. Now is the time for the proper care of your nipples. If they are stiff and hard, it will be difficult for the baby to draw milk from them. The nipples should be washed each morning with mild soap and water.
  1. There should not be any tight bands around the waist or legs. Do not wear garters at any form.
  1. Wear comfortable low-heeled shoes. Wearing high heels can put you at risk for falls and other accidents.
  1. Take your usual daily bath. It should not be too hot or too cold.
  1. Take a plenty of rest. You should have at least eight to nine hours of sleep each night. Trust me, when the baby comes out, you will miss having complete rest.

Now that you are pregnant, you should be mindful not only about your body but your baby, too. As long as you observe proper safety measures, you can be sure that you will successfully deliver your baby.